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Posted by SenseiTree - May 14th, 2021

madams, sirs, unbinaries of this very site, i think it is high time that i've used the ability of having my post on the FRONT PAGE! yes, indeed this is a really special occasion, for my account has turned a year old since 5/4/21! isn't that brilliant?

hello there, if you're new here, let me introduce myself, my name is lucas poth (not my real name btw) and i'm a dumb musician that has been composing funny tunes since august 2017,

from making shitty music that sounds like this

to making even MORE shittier music that sounds like this

and i have to say, one year on ng? this was definitely a whole ass ride to be in, my musical journey i mean, i haven't been too involved in the ng community that much :( (i wish i was more social though but i am such an awkward cunt >.<) words cannot express how much i am emotionally drained just from doing the things i love in long periods of time right now. (and i love it!) it really has me wondering whether or not it will all be worth it in the end.... oh well it'll hit me when i get there!

as for newgrounds? oh c'mon i grew up with newgrounds, was fun playing dumb games and watching flashes in here since i was a young kid, to lurking around as i grew older, and finally making an account on 5/4/20. it's pretty surreal to see the state of ng rn, with friday night funkin' and everything bringing new people, with the creative metagame getting better. it's absolutely pleasant! (also free money from doing fnf commissions big whoop)

also, i've noticed that a bunch of people have chosen to be involved in my escapades. (yes, you, the fans!) in fact i'm almost reaching 100 of them! that really is incredible isn't it? i hope you are here to stay tho, would be a shame if you pulled a 180 on me and suddenly unfollowed.... (it's ok to leave don'ttttt worry ;)) ) should i create my own discord server later on? tons of people have them and i'm wondering if i should make one hmmmmm...

that being said, i'm planning on making songs on a new separate name known as "KAWAII GRIPS"... because i remember this bit from an eric andre episode where he was making a joke about "KUWAIT GRIPS" and it sort of sounded like "kawaii" so why not? also "DEATH GRIPS" but yeah am doing this!..... i'm actually considering making this a group of people doing dumb shit instead of just me doing dumb shit. anyone wanna' join LMFAO (no haha unless?)

that would be all from me, happy one year to this account, and i love you ng <3333 keep being awesome to me will ya'?

~lucaspoth/radicaldawg/senseitree/KAWAII GRIPS



Comments (6)

Yo, happy one-year! Also, fuckin love that episode of Eric Andre. One of my favorite jokes from it lol

Happy one year anni! Now that I realize it, only 2 more fans since 100....

it's a hundred now POG

Nice to see that your post on the front page now! :)

Congrats for the *soon* 100 fans tree, your music slaps so you deserve them
Also.. can I play the sleighbells??

thanks chep!!! play them goddamn sleighbells >>>:000

yeeeea sleighbells

@shintsukimi205 @radicaldawg Another thing to celebrate!